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Get the best roofing services by contacting Artex for Flat roofing contractors. Contact us for the flat roof replacement services at the best price, we also provides flat roof leak repair which is only done by our experts.


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Contact experienced flat roofing contractors in Orland Park & Tinley Park, IL now: Artex Roofing

Whether it is for storm or mainly because of poor sealed flashings, you never know when you might have to contact experts for roof leak repairing help. So, keeping handy the numbers of Artex Roofing,  seems to be a clever idea.

  • We will come right to your place and treat the roof leak from its core areas

  • After we are done with our basic work, we will ensure to check the leaked areas and examine it first

  • You can contact us anytime for quality help and we will not let you down at any cost

Be the first one to contact flat roofing contractors:

If you are in need of help from the experienced and well-trained flat roofing contractors, then you have come to the right spots. We are always ready to offer you with long lasting results without charging you much from your pocket. Whether you want help on storm roof damages or just want to replace the entire worn out roof for a new one, we are there to offer the right help as asked for. You can either contact us at our official number or just send us an email regarding your queries.

Contact Artex Roofing First for Roof Leak Repair

You were sitting idle watching TV one night, when you felt few drops of water right from the ceiling. It was rather confusing as you did not realize the area of water leakage. After a bit of research, you finally came to the conclusion that you need to call experts to work on your roof leak repair. While calling for experts to get some help about Roof repair or damaged Shingle, you have Artex Roofing to offer you with the best help around here. We are able to work on all kinds of roof repairing needs with roof leaking being one of our specialties.

When to call us for roof leak repair:

Whenever you see water marks on walls or ceiling, it means you have to call us at Artex Roofing for working on your roof leak repair on time. When water finds way into home, it can really be very difficult to locate the exact leaked spot.

  • Water is known to travel long distance before it becomes apparent, and we will help you find the source of it.

  • We are experts in finding the issue and provide the best roof repair as asked for it.

  • You can contact us for other services apart from roof leaking help too

Get roof repair service for weather emergency:

In case, you have a weather emergency and need to get the roof repaired on time, we are here to help for Roof Repair or Roof Replacement. It will just take a call from your side to get our roof repair service for your use. You have to contact us at Artex Roofing for help.

  • Our roof leak repairing services are available on a daily basis, throughout the year

  • We are known to stop water from damaging house with our roof repair service and emergency tarps

  • After that, we will examine the roof for its safety and make the necessary changes

Within your set roof replacement cost

Once you have us, Artex Roofing for help, you need not have to worry about the roof replacement cost much. We are working for the masses and ensure that you get to pay less for the material cost.

  • We are able to work on all types of roof leak repairs

  • Sometimes the only way to prevent water from entering is by going through roof replacement, which comes in different price ranges

  • Spend less  with us on roof replacement cost and get quality  roofing at average costs


When installing a new roof, Artex knows that your roof plays a vital role in your home's infrastructure and value. That's why we specialize in providing strong, well-built flat roofs to protect your home from the extreme Chicago weather.

When it comes to a flat roof construction, Artex Roofing has you covered. We guide our clients each step of the way from consultation to final project turn over. So whether it's a leaky roof or snow damage, as a flat roofing contractor in Tinley Park and the surrounding areas, we work with residential property owners to get the most out of their flat roof installations.

Flat roofs are a great cost-friendly alternative to pitched roofs. With less materials required for construction, our Artex flat roofs are always built from manufactures-guaranteed materials from ABC Supplier. Flat roofs are a more space conscious roof option, and are incredibly sturdy; easily allowing our clients to continue living worry-free about heavy Chicago snowfalls and the affect they may have on their roof. 

We offer :: FREE flat roofing consultations and FREE flat roofing estimates.

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Artex Roofing is Chicago's best south suburban roof replacement company

Artex Roofing is Chicago's best south suburban roof replacement company

Artex Roofing is the best roof replacement company in the Tinley Park area

Artex Roofing is the best roof replacement company in the Tinley Park area

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We know roof replacements can get loud and disruptive for your pets. Don’t allow your pet to suffer from noise-induced stress! Let Artex Roofing take care of your pet during day construction by covering your pet’s boarding expenses in a local pet hotel while we work! Reach out to us today to learn more about our boarding services. 


In order to qualify for manufacturer’s warranties on all materials (shingles, underlayment, start, ridge), we choose all materials from the same manufacturer. We use high quality products from ABC Supply. 


In order to minimize damage to your driveway on your job site, the Artex Roofing team advises you to choose a trash removal company that uses a dump trailer, not a dumpster. Dumpsters may damage your driveway and cause you additional problems. Contact us today for a list of our trusted removal services. 


The team of professionals at Artex Roofing are available 7 days a week, with after-hours availability as needed. We proudly and exclusively serve the Chicago south suburban community. A full list of the neighborhoods we service can be found here.

When you're ready to start your roof replacement, look no further than your trusted Chicago south suburb roofing contractor, Artex Roofing. Call 630.841.4813 today to request a FREE roofing estimate.