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Contact Artex Roofing for Roof installation of your roof. We also provides asphalt roof shingle installation at best cost which is installed by our professional installers. We provide you our best services as per your satisfaction.


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Contact Artex Roofing When You Need Help With Roof Shingles in Orland Park & Tinley Park, IL

With such a huge variety of options, economical productions and ease of installation, roof shingles are becoming quite popular these days. Asphalt seems to be the major roofing material to be used for such shingles. So many countries trust these products and have used them for residential and commercial constructions too. But, sometimes these shingles might create some issues with age. For that help, you are asked to contact Artex Roofing for that help you have always asked for. Not just repairing the shingles but we are further able to make you the right choice among the lot, depending on the requirements you hold.

Choose the right local roof repair contractors for help:

Whether it is our first time working on roofing needs or you have worked on it before, you have to get hands on the local roof repair contractors with good credentials. Well, Artex Roofing is the name to rely on for that.

  • We are able to take complete care of your services right from the basic installation to completion of the project

  • For us, each project is different and will be handled separately as well

  • We won’t take much time for the services as we believe in time management well

Going for the best roof shingles credentials:

Once you have us by your side to work on your best roof shingles, you need not have to look for another name in the market for help. All you have to do is type Artex Roofing in the search bar, and we will come for your help.

  • You are likely to come across some of the best shingles in town through us

  • Other than working on shingle selections, we can be your right local roof repair contractors to take help from

  • Just be sure to catch up with us and you need not have to worry any further

Taking care of asphalt roof shingles for you:

There are so many ways to follow while trying to take care of the asphalt roof shingles for better and long lasting results. We, at Artex Roofing, are here to help you with the points.

  • For the novices out there, we have segmented our services under multiple categories and explained each one in details

  • You can further check out for the other roofing types when you are through with shingles

  • Depending on the growing demands, we have segmented our services within pre-set budget plans


Contact us now for asphalt roof shingles and more:

No matter whatever kind of service you want from us, whether on asphalt roof shingles or roofing types, just give us a call. We know you love the best services as you are spending money for that. Being one of the best teams in town, you can expect to get timely delivery of services with warrantee period. So, if anything goes wrong during such instances, we are just a call away to help you big time on that. You don’t have to bother pay a single penny for that, as well.

Choosing the right roof shingles:

Is this your first time when you are trying to get roof shingles for your new place? If so, then you are so confused with so many options already in the market. We, at Artex Roofing, are here to help you big time.

  • We are able to help homeowners select perfect shingles and shingle colors to choose from

  • We would like to help you choose the best roof shingles among the available lot these days

  • Not just the style and color, but you can contact us for choosing the right texture and warranty items to fit your bill


With a decade's worth of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Artex Roofing is the leading shingle roofing contractor serving the Chicagoland south suburbs. Since 2007, we’ve been providing quality shingle roof design, installation, and repair with outstanding prices and excellent craftsmanship. From consultation to completion, when it comes time to replace your roof we put in the extra time and attention to ensure that your roof is attractive, functional, and long-lasting. We're here to help you choose the best shingle roof for your home and your budget.

Shingle roofs add to the beauty and value of your home, while handling the elements of every Chicago season. A classic roofing option, shingle roofs are popular for their look and affordability. Additionally they are incredibly versatile and durable for cold Chicago south suburb winters.

Shingles are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, exclusively purchased from ABC Supplier. We only work with shingles that are long-lasting and come with extended warranties. Our roofing professionals will complete your new shingle roof on time and on budget, with respect to your home.

Artex Roofing is fully licensed with an extended roofing license in the state of Illinois; we provide our clients proof of insurance with every quote. Call today for a free, no obligation roofing estimate.


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Artex Roofing is Chicago's south suburbs best roof replacement company

Artex Roofing is Chicago's south suburbs best roof replacement company

Artex Roofing is Chicago's south suburban best shingle roof replacement company

Artex Roofing is Chicago's south suburban best shingle roof replacement company

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We know roof replacements can get loud and disruptive for your pets. Don’t allow your pet to suffer from noise-induced stress! Let Artex Roofing take care of your pet during day construction by covering your pet’s boarding expenses in a local pet hotel while we work! Reach out to us today to learn more about our boarding services. 


In order to qualify for manufacturer’s warranties on all materials (shingles, underlayment, start, ridge), we choose all materials from the same manufacturer. We use high quality products from ABC Supply. 


In order to minimize damage to your driveway on your job site, the Artex Roofing team advises you to choose a trash removal company that uses a dump trailer, not a dumpster. Dumpsters may damage your driveway and cause you additional problems. Contact us today for a list of our trusted removal services. 


The team of professionals at Artex Roofing are available 7 days a week, with after-hours availability as needed. We proudly and exclusively serve the Chicago south suburban community. A full list of the neighborhoods we service can be found here.

When you're ready to start your roof replacement, look no further than your trusted Chicago south suburb roofing contractor, Artex Roofing. Call 630.841.4813 today to request a FREE roofing estimate.

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